Natus CEO Yevhen ‘HarisPilton’ Zolotarov noted that the organization is transitioning to a more dynamic technology that engages with the audience more.

Natus Vincere, alias NAVI, a Ukraine-based esports organization, has announced plans to launch a fan token dubbed $NAVI through to the announcement made by through a Medium post, the $NAVI fan token will give its users numerous advantages.Natus Vincere and Its NAVI Token on Socios.comNotably, the $NAVI token holders will have the right to vote in polls organized by Natus Vincere. In addition, the $NAVI fan token holders will have a chance to earn unique rewards that are linked to the token.After OG and Team Heretics, Natus Vincere is now the third esports organization to join the platform. NAVI has partnered with Chiliz to oversee the launch of the blockchain-based fan token on the platform.NAVI CEO Yevhen ‘HarisPilton’ Zolotarov noted during the launch of the fan token that the organization is transitioning to a more dynamic technology that engages with the audience more.“ creates an opportunity to become an actual and viable part of NAVI, as $NAVI tokens are the real way to influence our decisions. In fact, it is a way of making all the crucial decisions together,” he added.On the other hand, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO & Founder of Chiliz and, not only welcomed the launch of the $NAVI token but also highlighted the major benefits the fan token holders will enjoy in the future. According to Dreyfus, the $NAVI fan token will give fans real power in the decision-making process of the organization. Therefore ensuring a free and fair unanimous decision based on the audience and not a small group of board members.NAVI Fan TokenNotably, the maximum set number of $NAVI supply is 5 million tokens. Whereby the organization intends to make a limited amount available through an initial flash sale at a fixed price of $1. Apparently, the initial flash sale is going to take place in the next few coming months.This is meant to ensure the fan token gains value over time as its demand is set to increase over limited market supply. It is a similar model used in most other digital assets that have fixed supply that diminishes with time as the market demand rises over time.As a result, the value of the token will forever remain high if its market demand increases over time.Socios platform through Chiliz has enabled several other fan-based tokens previously. Some of them include popular football clubs like FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, CA Independiente and Apollon Share:

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