The combined suite of products aims to provide services like risk management, compliance, and control patterns with crypto investments thereby providing a boost to institutional adoption.

On Thursday, February 18, KPMG, BitGo and Coin Metrics joined hands for a new project with the aim of boosting institutional crypto adoption. This combined suite of products includes KPMG Chain Fusion services, capabilities and accelerators, BitGo custody technology, and Coin Metrics’ data and intelligence products.Besides, the new product aims to help banking and financial institutions to offer crypto and digital asset products to its customers. However, it aims to do it by leveraging execution through a stronghold in system integration, risk, compliance and control patterns. Pete Najarian, Chief Revenue Officer BitGo said:

“This is the perfect time to offer a world class, consolidated product suite to the marketplace and we are delighted to be joining KPMG and Coin Metrics in this effort. Through this collaboration, we will be delivering the products and services that our institutional clients have needed to allow broad adoption of digital assets”.

Coin Metrics: Crypto Suite with KPMG and Commercial Launch of FARUMIn addition to the new product suite, Coin Metrics also announced the commercial launch of the FARUM platform and service. This will allow BitGo’s existing/future customers to actively monitor and manage the risks with public blockchain networks.As per the official website, FARUM will provide users the necessary tools to identify network attacks. Besides, it will also take care of transaction reorgs, fee volatility risks and unusual network event risks.This combined offering comes on the backdrop of the strategic alliance between KPMG and Coin Metrics last October 2020. The alliance aims to deliver data and insights, proprietary analytics along with other crypto-asset services. Arun Ghosh, Principal and KPMG Head of Blockchain for One Americas said:

“We are thrilled to launch a combined offering to market, which marks a significant step forward in uniting core capabilities for custody, data and risk / compliance and security through an integrated solution. “FARUM™ presents a new level of public blockchain intelligence that is transforming institutional risk management in public blockchains. We are thrilled to realize the opportunity to launch this offering together with BitGo and Coin Metrics.”

The coming together of the giants is a big positive for the future growth of the crypto industry. Moreover, handling os issues like risk management for crypto is important to institutional adoption.


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