The strides of the MXC Exchange became pronounced as it comes off as the first to list the xx coin, the official native digital currency of the xx network.

There appears to be a new Sheriff in town and that is MXC Exchange, a digital asset exchange that came as a product of collaboration between senior quantitative trading teams from Wall Street, Europe, and Japan. The coming of the MXC exchange has introduced a new paradigm to the crypto space with respect to the prompt tagging and listing of notable digital currencies.The role of a cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto sphere cannot be overemphasized. Besides providing the market and the platform for the buying and selling of digital assets/currencies, cryptocurrency exchanges in part help in promoting projects in a bid to make them go mainstream. With exchanges, newbie crypto projects can find a pillar to rest on and a springboard to go mainstream.The underlying policies behind the establishment of an exchange have a long way to go in determining the onboarding process of the platform. Exchanges with flexible policies in identifying novel projects in the space are few in number and MXC exchange currently ranks as one of the few around now.The uniqueness of MXC Exchange is further pronounced with the presence of a robust market for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). The platform boasts of a high-performance mega-transaction matching engine technology that helps fast-track the speed of transactions on the platform. Amongst the other features of the platform include the promotion of community autonomy and a highly secure ecosystem protected by top-level security firms including Palmim and KnownsecThis Is What MXC Exchange Is Most Renowned ForThe strides of the MXC Exchange became pronounced as it comes off as the first to list the xx coin, the official native digital currency of the xx network. Following the listing of the coin by MXC exchange, other major exchanges including Binance now followed the exchange’s footstep in listing the coin. This is one major thing the MXC Exchange is known for, the first stop for new and novel digital currencies.This tag has been well acknowledged by major influencers in the crypto space as the swift move to rank as the number one for some listed coins transcends beyond just the xx coin. “#MXCLISTING We are glad to see another #MXC_Exchange listed project, Nucypher $NU, has just been listed by @CoinbasePro! Who should be the next? Don’t forget to keep an eye on #MXC_Exchange projects, more surprises may be on the way,” the exchange tweeted in reference to one of its earlier listed coins, Nucypher.“It Turns out @MXC_exchange is more accurate than Paul Octopus in crypto with predictions,” said tweeter crypto educator @GibsoonCorp. I noticed that many MXC listed projects, such as $AVA, $RUNE, $SNX, $COMP, $HIVE, $BAL, $DOT, $KSM, $DMG, $SXP, etc. Have all later been listed on Binance, Coinbase, Huobi & many top exchanges. Should be great to keep an eye on MXC listed projects as they are really good at finding quality projects,” reads another tweet.Besides the fact that MXC Exchange is duly recognized and acknowledged by the mainstream crypto juggernauts or experts, the exchange has trading pairs for all of the coins in Andre Cronje’s Concept Asset list. This reiterates the fact that MXC exchange can spot the trend and list coins faster than even the other major exchanges in the space.The acknowledgment that MXC Exchange is this proactive makes a case for the exchange as it looks to roll out functional products in the coming Share:

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