The recently announced Starname Manager will see users frequently registering their names on multi-wallet mobile implementation when they create their profile.

Starname, a decentralized digital identity platform has come out with its IOV token and also unveiled Starname Manager. According to the announcement from IOV, the Starname token has been listed on Uniswap.The recently announced Starname manager will see users frequently registering their names on multi-wallet mobile implementation as they create their profile. The newly integrated features will see transactions skipping the usual process of communicating via several crypto addresses as assets can now be received to the Starname account directly.What Makes the Manager UniqueHaving pre-conceived the idea of possible identity or profile impersonation that has been a common denominator among the various platforms, the Starname Manager has been designed in a way that ensures that profiles are verified to eliminate impersonation.

Photo: Starname

Profiles can be shared through’your profile. This will make it easy for users to easily get their profile to any application that has integrated with Starname. The designed platform is compatible with Metamask, Kepler, TrustWallet, Fiat, Ledger, and many more. Meaning users can easily share their profile to receive funds being payment or donation. Starname is built on Cosmos SDK and it’s fully multichain. Its partnership with Aleph will perfectly execute the order of impersonation resistance as it provides a picture and profile presentation coupled with the name management and Twitter verified features.Karim Ganem, the President of Starname in a statement disclosed their undying desire and mission to bridge the gap between blockchain and the people, stating their recent development will make that wish see the light of the day.Starname IOV TokenStarname has as well listed its token on the Uniswap platform as they work towards the “blockchain to the people” mission. The token is also found on Bilaxy and Starname’s Widget for credit card purchases. The Starname CFO Benjamin Simatos disclosed their reason for listing their token on Uniswap.“Our listing on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange at the moment, will provide greater liquidity and will bring more confidence in our product among users,” he said.Their official release explains that all transactions facilitated by the Starname chain occur on the IOV token. This means the adoption of starname is converted to a fundamental value according to the report.About StarnameStarname was founded in 2018 by an award-winning company IOV located in Paris. Having commenced its services in August 2020, Starname announced its presence by coming out with dApps for CryptoProfile as well as Managers. Starname has established itself as a unique decentralized blockchain-based identity platform. It offers permission for users to create a profile that mirrors their identity and crypto wallet in a bid to provide a common ground for the internet and the blockchain ecosystem to operate hand in


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