Emerge DeFi is a platform focusing on delivering suites of services for clients interested in launching quality projects without the shoddiness often used to describe DeFi token issuance and distribution

One of the key takeaways from 2020 is that DeFi is as potent as it is uncertain. There is no doubt that decentralized finance introduces advanced and highly lucrative financial concepts that have become the bread and butter of avid crypto investors. However, the bone of contention is that the current model of running projects and doing business in the DeFi landscape enables illicit activities.The majority of projects tagged the next big thing in DeFi have gone down the drain because decentralization supports the anonymity of development teams. In most cases, there is no one to hold accountable for the mismanagement of funds or what we have come to call rug pulls. In response to this challenge, we have begun to witness the rise of DeFi applications committed to establishing standards for the nascent sector. At the heart of this paradigm shift is Emerge DefEmerge Def, a promising project poised to provide an enabling environment to launch transparent and fully audited DeFi projects.What Is Emerge DeFi Trying to Achieve?Emerge DeFi is a platform focusing on delivering suites of services for clients interested in launching quality projects without the shoddiness often used to describe DeFi token issuance and distribution. In essence, Emerge is looking to create standardizations potent enough to ensure the fairness and openness of DeFi token sales.It is one thing to create a promising application; it is another to convince the increasingly cautious DeFi community to support or invest in it. Emerge is aware of this predicament, and it has created a launchpad designed to verify the authenticity of DeFi projects. And so, each project featured on the platform undergoes a series of checks and audits. Subsequently, it offers insurance to entities and individuals who buy DeFi tokens that successfully scale the scrutiny process. All in all, this approach to token sales brings some level of trust and order to an inherently volatile landscape.What Are the Core Operations of Emerge Defi?DeFi Insurance and AuditingAs mentioned earlier, Emerge is diligently pursuing a future where the DeFi landscape is no more plagued by scam-related or poorly conceived solutions. Hence, it has introduced a launchpad targeted at projects interested in validating their operations and attracting the right audience. Emerge has partnered with Certik.io to implement more advanced and quality security audits. However, not only must the project itself scale audit requirements, but development teams also have to undergo KYC checks and confirm their identities. This requirement could entail video meetings, social media profile verification, submission of identification, and an AI-enabled anti spoofing procedure.At the end of this KYC procedure, Emerge must have verified the identity of project leads. Next, the team must agree to effect liquidity locks to ensure that the entirety of the token sale and allocation stage is not prone to rug pull scams. The success of this implementation determines the eligibility of the project for insurance cover.Marketing, Promotional Services and Legal ConsultationApart from providing audit and insurance solutions, Emerge is also looking to capitalize on its influence and experience in the DeFi landscape to help clients build and manage their brands. In essence, it offers marketing and public engagement packages appropriate for DeFi businesses to gain traction and promote community-based involvements. Emerge presents the infrastructure required to maintain a prominent status in the highly competitive terrain, attract the right audience, and boost active engagements. This package comes with the appropriate media solutions for niche-based projects and social media promotions. More importantly, Emerge provides legal services relating to blockchain law and regulation. Therefore, it is easier for DeFi solutions to identify and navigate the uncertain crypto regulatory frameworks of different regions.Notably, Emerge has eventually put this DeFi vetting architecture to practice with the emergence of Galaxydefi as the first client to incorporate the audit, liquidity lock, and insurance suite of services. As such, it is safe to say that Emerge has taken the vital step to establishing itself as a mainstay in the sector and a functioning ecosystem for the smooth launch of DeFi tokens. Besides, it plans on launching its native token, EMRG, in the last quarter of 2021. EMRG is critical to the economy of the Emerge ecosystem. It would function as an enabling tool for crowdfunding campaigns, decentralized payments, governance voting, and advanced insurance protection.


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