The DIFX platform is designed as a cross-asset exchange wherein different financial assets ranging from cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs and more can be traded in one space.

The stock market around the world as well as the cryptocurrency ecosystem is permeated with a lot of platforms dedicated to catering to the investors, and traders in the space. While the global marketplace for stocks and cryptocurrencies is broad and diverse, not many platforms abound to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of these tradable assets. This is the change Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is designed to usher in.The development strides of the DIFX platform is relatively new, but with a team that boasts of years of experience making a change in the world of finance and crypto, the scheduled market entry of the platform is billed to be met with much embrace across stakeholders in the broader financial market space.Core Features and Provisions of DIFX PlatformThe DIFX platform is designed as a cross-asset exchange wherein different financial assets ranging from cryptocurrencies, stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and more can be traded in one space, reducing the hassle involve for the trader to keep track of his holdings and trading activities across various platforms.DIFX will also operate a multi-currency wallet through which several fiat currencies can be swapped or converted, with similar provisions for a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Besides these, the DIFX platform boasts a user-friendly and functional interface through which any user can get started with just the click of a single button.DIFX will be operated with a native token dubbed the DIFX Utility Token, an ERC-20 token that will serve as a medium of exchange and let token holders make payments and transfers instantly and transparently anywhere in the world. The token will offer a lot of unique incentives to its holders ranging from staking, to leverage in trading and early adopters are bound to see its valuation rise over time, in relation to the native tokens of other cryptocurrency exchanges.Roadmap and Team behind ProjectSince conceived in the fourth quarter of 2019, the DIFX project has undergone a series of developmental activities including the start of the DIFX Exchange Software in Q3 2020, and the Start of a private sale of DIFX tokens as well as the acquisition of exchange and wallet licenses.In the months ahead, the exchange will focus on the launch of the DIFX tokens on the DIFX Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform in Q1 2021, the launch of the platform’s Cross Asset Exchange in Q2, the launch of the OTC platform, and White Label solution of the Exchange in the third quarter, the offering API for all the exchange products in Q4 2021, and the start of the blockchain development center in Q2 2022. It is worthy of note that the proposed projects and milestones are beyond what is highlighted and can be found on the platform’s webpage.DIFX also has a competent team lead by Jeetu Kataria who is the Founding Director and Head of Operations. His experience in the Financial Markets, Investment Banking, and Fund Management will help in catalyzing the contributions of the other seven members that make up the core team.Besides the direct roles of the core team members, DIFX will also get a huge backing from an Advisory Board that consists of industry leaders within the finance and tech ecosystem. The platform’s current board of advisors is an 8-member team including but not limited to Mohammed Abdulrahman Aljallaf, an independent Director with over 16 years of experience at the Emirates Bank, and Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen, an experienced Legal luminary currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Global Investment Group.


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