VanEck has pushed out of the US into the European markets and, with favorable regulations, it expects to have a better embrace in the region where similar products are already available.

Investment management firm VanEck has successfully launched a bitcoin-backed Exchange Traded Product known as an Exchange Traded Note (ETN) on the Deutsche Borse Xetra exchange. According to a report by Funds Europe, the move by VanEck to launch the exchange-traded product (ETP) models that of other European Exchange Traded Fund Issuers who had made similar moves in the past.According to the Funds Europe report, the VanEck ETP Bitcoin ETN has a total expense ratio of 2% and it will allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) without having to purchase the premier digital currency themselves. “Today @vaneck_eu launched a #Bitcoin ETN. The ETN is physically-backed by Bitcoin and listed on Deutsche Böerse Xetra. Launching a Bitcoin ETP was a top priority for VanEck. We succeeded! VanEck hopes to serve many in Europe and Asia!” Gabor Gurbacs, VanEck’s digital asset strategist/director revealed in a tweet.Gurbacs noted that the bitcoin-backed ETN is 100% physically backed meaning that any ETN invested in by an investor will be used to purchase the equivalent amount of Bitcoin. With professionally managed offerings, Gurbacs affirmed that the company’s ETN features transparent pricing with reliable investor protections.The custody for the Bitcoins purchased through the VanEck ETP services will be offered by Liechtenstein-based crypto custodian Bank Frick. Frick will provide the Cold storage options for any deposited Bitcoin.VanEck and Its Way to Bitcoin-Backed ETP ApprovalThe desire by VanEck to launch a bitcoin-backed ETP dates back to a few years ago when it made several attempts to launch the product in the US.“Bringing to market a physical, fully-backed major exchange-listed bitcoin ETP was a top priority for our firm,” Gurbacs was quoted as saying. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has wielded its strong-arm into denying the VanEck the privilege of rolling out the product through a delay of crucial meetings and events where the decision to approve the application was to be made.The haul has been a long one for VanEck. And the limited version of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund which it launched as reported by Coinspeaker back in September 2019 has not seen so much success as it was only able to issue just 4 Bitcoins upon launch.VanEck has pushed out of America into the European markets and with favorable regulations, it expects to have a better soft landing and embrace in Germany and the rest of Europe where similar products are already on Share:

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