Andrew Wilkinson, the multimillionaire co-founder of tech-focused holding group Tiny Capital, ignited a small firestorm on Twitter Saturday merely by inquiring about bitcoin.

  • Of course, asking a simple question doesn’t mean that Wilkinson, who has been described as the Warren Buffett of startups, will ever buy a single bitcoin or even a blockchain-related startup, but it was enough to make CoinDesk Director of Research Noelle Acheson say, “Wow!”
  • It also started a flood of responses on Twitter mostly seeking to convince Wilkinson that bitcoin is the future of finance and a better version of gold.
  • It’s somewhat reminiscent, albeit on a smaller scale, of the hoopla created with billionaire investor Ray Dalio, a long-time bitcoin skeptic, took to Twitter saying he’d “love to be corrected” on his negative views on the cryptocurrency.
  • On Monday, Wilkinson’s company, WeCommerce Holdings Ltd., which starts and invests in firms that service Shopify’s platform, will list its shares on the TSX Venture Exchange. Billionaire Bill Ackman is also an investor in WeCommerce.
  • Given how Wilkinson is known to act quickly, buying companies in days rather the typical months, it’s worth keeping an eye out to see what he might do should he be convinced that it’s logical to buy bitcoin.


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