Slush Pool is an active and notable player in the crypto sphere whose mining pool offering has earned it a place in today’s Bitcoin ride onto stardom.

The oldest cryptocurrency mining pool Slush Pool has made a move that seeks to immortalize a Reuters statement that is bullish on Bitcoin (BTC). Per a Cointelegraph report, the move by Slush Pool to encode the Reuters headline is a testament to Bitcoin’s Genesis Block which bore a banner from The Times.The encoded block comes following the bullish run of bitcoin in 2020 which saw the premier digital currency hit a new all-time high on some exchanges as it surpassed $19,892. Reuters made a report on this bullish run through the headline: “Dollar plummets on U.S. stimulus hopes; Bitcoin hits all-time peak”Slush Pool encoded this headline on the Bitcoin block number 659678 on December 2 and according to the pool, the acknowledgment of this reporting headline was in response to the platform miner’s request.

Our miners asked us to immortalize it.

Block 659678: Reuters 01/Dec/2020 Dollar plummets on U.S. stimulus hopes; bitcoin hits all-time peak

— Slush Pool | Braiins (OS+) (@slush_pool) December 2, 2020

The growing rally in Bitcoin and the entire crypto sphere has gained significant attention from the mainstream media as key Wall Street firms are beginning to stock up on the coin. Despite the growing support for the mainstream media’s coverage of the strides of Bitcoin by Slush Pool, Bitcoin still has a remarkable critic in Peter Schiff who recently criticized CNBC for focusing its reporting on Bitcoin.Slush Pool and Bitcoin Immortality TagSlush Pool is an active and notable player in the crypto sphere whose mining pool offering has earned it a place in today’s Bitcoin ride onto stardom. As noted earlier, the move by Slush Pool immortality the Reuters’ headline for Bitcoin is the second of its kind, the first being the encoding of The Times 2009 headline which reads:

“Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

The importance of immortalizing key events tracking the price movements of Bitcoin in this manner cannot be over-emphasized. With Bitcoin at an inflection point in which institutional players are beginning to acknowledge its capabilities, both as a hedge against inflation and a store of value, the weeks and months ahead will feature key events that may benefit from such immortalization gesture from platforms such as Slush Pool.Bitcoin and its accompanying revolution are historic and every opportunity employed to document each milestone covered will come in very handy in the future. Those that will live to see Bitcoin hit $500,000 as constantly been predicted by the Winklevoss twins will appreciate having a reference to today’s events when Bitcoin price is almost hitting a mildly ambitious $20,000 Share:

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