About 47.6% of the Ripple community members who participated in the poll said that they are ‘Extremely Likely’ to recommend the XRP coin to their family and friends.

Stedas, a cryptocurrency investor and XRP educator, has arguably conducted the largest Ripple Community Poll that has given a comprehensive view about the XRP coin holders’ perception. According to the figures released by Stedas, more than a thousand Ripple community members participated in the poll which totals about 30.Per the figures, more than 72% of XRP coin investors or holders expressed faith in the potentials of the digital currency to hit $100 someday. The belief in the coin’s potentials perhaps caused more than 50% of the people polled to say that they would not give up their XRP investment for any reason. The total demographics of the poll includes 89% men and only 11% women, giving an inclination of a somewhat gender imbalanced industry, and of the Ripple community members who participated in the poll, 68% said they invested in XRP primarily as a means to get rich. Based on the percentage of the XRP coin holding, over 50% of the respondents have about 10,000 to 50,000 XRP coins. The data showed that 10% of the people polled said that XRP constitutes about 10 to 30% of their entire crypto portfolio while 42.9% said all over their crypto investments are domiciled in XRP.Also, about 47.6% of the Ripple community members who participated in the poll said that they are ‘Extremely Likely’ to recommend the XRP coin to their family and friends. The opinion of the community was also sought to reveal which Ripple executive people believe much more in. As such, the company’s Chief Technical Officer David Schwartz ranks as the most popular employee garnering 62.4% of those polled. Chief Executive Officer Brad Garlinghouse came second with 33.2% saying he is their favorite employee.Significance of the Ripple Community PollThe major drive of most cryptocurrency project is to secure the trust and confidence of its community and/or users. XRP coin performance has not been impressive since the past cryptocurrency bullish era and since XRP hit its all-time high in January 2018 where its value rose to $3.84 per coin according to CoinpaprikaDespite the digital currency being about 90% short of this all-time high figure, further compounded with the fact that it has lost 13.81% of its price this year, the Stedas poll showing that about 30% of the respondents believe that the coin will close in 2020 with about $5 per coin gives a resurging hope that the coin needs to stay relevant. Despite the underperforming nature of the XRP coin, the Ripple Community Poll also highlights that about 55% of XRP investors are in profit since betting on the coin.The fundamentals behind the XRP coin are strong and its growing adoption in facilitating remittances and cross-border payments will continue to boost investor’s confidence in the coin. As of the time of writing, XRP has lost 2.48% in the past 24 hours to erode the 2.42% gain it amassed in the past week.

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