The game and its brain tasking exercises come with rewards including among others 0.1 XMR, 0.001 BTC, 1 free year of a VPN, an Incognito Node, 1 free spin on the prize wheel, and 1 whole BTC.

Privacy-focused startup Incognito has launched an online gaming event that doubles as a treasure hunt in a bid to educate people about privacy. According to Decrypt, the game involves searching the internet for various clues with lots of prizes including privacy coins and Bitcoin (BTC) to be won.How Privacy-Focused Incognito Game WorksAs detailed by the company, anyone with an internet connection is invited to join the contest by downloading the Incognito mobile app from either Google PlayStore, Apple’s App Store, or by downloading the app’s APK file. Upon download of the app, users will need to start by opening the app. Upon opening, they will need to tap on the ‘Quest’ icon.Then users will need to tap on the revealed Chests to unveil clues that point to QR codes that have been hidden all over the internet. The QR codes once found are to be scanned to unlock the chest. The privacy-focused game from Incognito is a game of numbers and each chest has a specified number of people needed to find the QR codes before the chest can be opened.Incognito noted that among the places on the internet where the QR Codes are hidden include Social media comments (like replies to tweets), YouTube video thumbnails, YouTube video descriptions, Online forum posts, online articles, and lots more. The search and find for the QR Code will then be succeeded by the opening of the chest which can either be empty for unlucky participants, open with the accompanying Quest rewards as well as locked, should the minimum number of people required to scan the QR Code aren’t completed by the end of the event.The game and its brain tasking exercises come with rewards including 0.1 XMR, 10 PRV, 0.001 BTC, 1 free year of a VPN, an Incognito Node, 1 free spin on the prize wheel, and 1 whole BTC worth $17,744.62 at the time of writing according to CoinMarketCap. These rewards are randomly awarded based on free spins at the opening of each chest. Enhancing Privacy as Fundamental Focus of BlockchainThe move by privacy-focused Incognito to educate and create awareness about privacy through an inclusive online gaming event as has been highlighted is a way to further one of the primary focuses of blockchain technology. Besides blockchain, the entire web ecosystem today is tilting towards privacy as many people now get conscious of who has access to their data, and what these data can be used for. These privacy-related concerns as privacy activists in the European Union filed complaints against Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) over iPhone tracking.With privacy still a relatively budding focus in the tech space, Incognito’s move will further help spread the word about its essentiality.

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