The report that has been authored by Doncho Karaivanov reviews different factors before settling on the conclusion that Satoshi lived in London. 

Although the Bitcoin ecosystem is regarded to be fully decentralized, researchers are still seeking the whereabouts of the famous Satoshi Nakamoto, who has managed to remain anonymous for the past 12 years. Apparently, a new analysis report suggests that Nakamoto lived in London while he worked on the Bitcoin project from 2008 and 2010.Over time, a lot of debates have been focused on the Bitcoin creator. According to Adam Back, Blockstream’s CEO, it is unwise for Satoshi to reveal his identity a decade after. Speaking to news outlet Cointelegraph, Back said that Satoshi would not be able to take back control of Bitcoin’s development. “Yes, I think Bitcoin is decentralised enough to reject Satoshi views even if he went nuts,” he noted.In an ongoing court battle, self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright has received a fair share of criticism for his claims. Notable coins linked to Satoshi initial Bitcoin mined have been cited to have been moved in the recent past from unknown wallets.As Bitcoin gains momentum to propel the awaited bull rally, the whereabouts of Satoshi is the least concerns for most crypto enthusiasts. However, they remain grateful for the project that has revolutionized the financial system and promises a brighter future for most investors.Bitcoin has been used as a model for over 7000 crypto projects popularly referred to as altcoins.Has Satoshi Nakamoto Ever Really Lived in London?The report that has been authored by Doncho Karaivanov managed to review different factors before settling on the conclusion that Satoshi lived in London. Notably, the report analyzed the timestamps of Nakamoto’s published materials. In addition, the report thoroughly analyzed his use of regional colloquialisms and word spellings. Ostensibly, the report also considered the fact that ‘The Times’ headline that was used in the Bitcoin genesis block was similar to that used in England’s print version of the periodical. Karaivanov analyzed readership data that shows roughly 43% of The Times’ readership is located in London.With London referred to as the largest financial hub, the report suggests that it would not be outrageous if Satoshi really lived there initially.Notably, the report critically analyzed Satoshi’s email communications with initial Bitcoin developers. Besides, the report also referred to commits made to the Bitcoin repository on SourceForge.The probability of the UK time zone in use is high from the cited analysis. The report ruled out other places including Japan and Australia for different Share:

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