This new partnership between GDA Capital and Elitium is expected to provide great new working opportunities.

On November 10, reports emerged that the GDA Group’s capital markets arm, Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital), and Elitium (EUM) had agreed on a strategic partnership. This new alliance will enable the two firms to work on many joint initiatives, expand their global networks, and speak at many top industry events. Moreover, the partnership will help in the creation of extensive relationships with the leading blockchain adopters around the world.By description, Elitium is a blockchain-based ecosystem that powers multiple luxury and fintech products. Reports indicate that the new connection might enable Elitium to expand its operation coverage into the Canadian and North American markets in places where GDA dominates with its core expertise.Elitium, a futuristic wealth management app, enables clients to nurture a life of value, independence, and growth. The firm’s proposition is ‘Create Value’ using four formidable pillars: hold, invest, spend, and trade. Interestingly, the team’s eventual goal is to set up a decentralized Digital Economy that lets users enjoy a luxury lifestyle.On the other hand, GDA Capital is a global blockchain and digital assets-focused merchant bank. It operates from New York City and Toronto. GDA offers many services that cover ventures, capital, markets, and liquidity to offer end-to-end solutions to nascent and technologically advanced blockchain projects. The bank has managed to execute at least $1 billion in transactions.Elitium and GDA Partnership Is a Great MatchFor some time now, GDA has keenly watched how steadily Elitium is sprouting and thriving. Thus, this new partnership is expected to provide great new working opportunities. In that context, Michael Gord, GDA Capital’s co-founder and CEO, commented:

“Both company’s commitment to long-term success means that we will be partners for a long time; which can provide real benefits for our expanding client base.”

Elitium Founder and CEO Raoul Milhado said that his company shares the same vision on finance, business, and blockchain with GDA Capital. He added:

“After many productive meetings, we decided to become partners and join forces in order to make a global impact together; and forever change the world of finance.”

According to the Elitium team, the new alliance with GDA Capital is a major milestone moment. This team believes that the new development will provide considerable value to all who are a part of the Elitium journey.Before the partnership announcement, Milhado joined GDA Capital at their virtual quarterly Family Office Summit. Elitium and GDA discussed the effect of blockchain on wealth management at the star-packed event. This event was the first congregation of private wealth hosted in Decentraland. Additionally, they debated the impact of virtual currencies on the future of Share:

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