Rogers’ entry into the Ledger ecosystem coincides with the ongoing crypto hype that has seen most crypto assets rally in double digits in the past 30 days. 

After working at LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) since 2015 as the chief digital officer, Ian Rogers has joined the crypto hardware wallet Ledger as the chief experience officer.In his new role at Ledger, Rogers will be involved in taking charge of business-to-consumer operations and “reinventing the user experience” of Ledger’s products.Ledger has managed to develop a tamper-proof hardware wallet that supports dozens of existing crypto assets. Hereby providing protection from attacks such as phishing attacks that siphon users coins from hot wallets. In addition, ledger customers are shielded from exit scams involved with different crypto wallet companies for different reasons.With the crypto industry moving mainstream globally, a secure means of storing digital assets is vital to ensure a healthy market. As a result, the Ledger hardware wallet emerges as a critical pillar in the success of cryptocurrencies going mainstream. Apparently, having gathered experience working at LVMH, Rogers anticipates steering forward the Ledger mission in the crypto industry. According to him, this is a precarious place that the crypto industry should put in place mechanisms for global adoption.“I remember when you couldn’t simply say ‘go to my website’ […] You had to first explain the concept of the internet […] I love those moments when technology moves from science fiction to mainstream. Digital assets are standing on the verge of this move,” said Rogers.No Better Time for Rogers at LedgerIn a bid to stop cyber scammers from penetrating the Ledger hardware wallet, the company has partnered with Kraken Security Lab in educating its users. Crypto attackers are popularly known for deploying sophisticated phishing malware mostly purchased from the dark web.On the top of security measures to safeguard digital assets in a wallet is to never share security private keys even with the company itself. This ensures that the scammers do not have access to the customer’s wallet, thus ensuring utmost security.Ledger has several products in the market with Ledger Nano X firmware version 1.2.4-5 is now available, compatible with the Ethereum 2.0 update. With the Beacon chain anticipated to kickstart in less than 48 hours, it was critical to have a hardware wallet that supports the phase 0 update. Moreover, the Ethereum network is a huge ecosystem that carries a significant portion of the entire crypto industry thus an important move to have a hardware wallet that supports Ethereum 2.0 update.Rogers’ entry into the Ledger ecosystem coincides with the ongoing crypto hype that has seen most crypto assets rally in double digits in the past 30 Share:

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