With its never-before-seen initiatives and offers, Digitex City is certainly going to be a project to watch as we move into another year in the cryptocurrency space.

After several months of teaser campaigns and sneak peeks of the new platform Digitex City has opened its doors to the public, introducing a brand-new cryptocurrency social platform to the space. Designed as a place for traders, investors, and speculators to come together to network, educate, and discuss all things related to making money with crypto, Digitex City aims to become crypto’s true playground.Digitex ConnectUnderpinning Digitex City, which is the evolution of the zero-fee crypto futures trading platform, Digitex Futures, is a thriving social network called Digitex City. This is a real first for the industry as a dedicated platform for all things crypto. Rather than being a marginalized group on a large social network like Facebook or Twitter and subject to frequent content modifications or even banning, Digitex Connect provides a real home for crypto enthusiasts of all stripes.The platform allows users to create their own pages and profiles, construct a watch list of their favorite cryptocurrencies, see the price of all major cryptocurrencies at glance, send public and private messages, consume and create all kinds of content, and even host video calls of up to 50 people. CEO of Digitex City Adam Todd believes that the Connect area will be a major plus for cryptocurrency projects that find it hard to advertise on other platforms. He stated:

“It’s really hard for cryptocurrency projects to advertise on mainstream social networks. You usually have to change the meaning of your content to even have an advert approved. We’re offering projects the chance to get their message in front of a dedicated and highly engaged audience through our self-service advertising platform in Digitex Connect. This will also appeal to projects looking to get listed on our zero-fee spot exchange.”

Operating from within the same interface as the exchange, which launched in testnet this week and will be gradually transitioned over to the mainnet in the coming weeks, users will be able to discuss trading strategies and investment opportunities in the social network before navigating easily to the exchange to trade or take part in one of the many attractive rewards programs Digitex City offers.Rewards Programs, Zero-Fee TradingOnce Digitex City transitions to the mainnet, users will be able to take part in highly Digitex City earning them daily payouts in DGTX tokens. To begin with, they can choose to create DUSDs (the new stablecoin that will be the native currency of Digitex City) by collateralizing their DGTX. Digitex is allocating a massive 500,000 DGTX to pay out every single day in DUSD stablecoin creation rewards proportionally among participants.Not only will they earn tangible daily rewards, but they’ll be helping to add liquidity to the exchange. After creating or purchasing DUSD on Digitex City’s commission-free spot market, users can take part in liquidity mining on the exchange by acting as market makers on Digitex City.This program yields a massive 1 million DGTX daily shared out proportionally among traders (bot or manual) on the exchange. It also removes the need for unfair and costly professional market makers, creates liquid markets, and allows traders to earn even more money in the “DUSD economy.”There will also be additional liquidity mining initiatives through decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Balancer with several options to choose from to earn generous pool rewards via different markets; whether it’s DGTXLINK on Balancer or DUSDUSDC on Uniswap, you can check out the Digitex City. DUSD bonds are coming soon as well, and plenty of other opportunities as the exchange grows in users and popularity.Beyond the thriving Connect area and all these exciting money-making initiatives that allow users to earn a passive income, the exchange is, of course, still offering zero fees on every single trade. With so many unique USPs and never-before-seen initiatives and offers, Digitex City is certainly going to be a project to watch as we move into another year in the cryptocurrency space.next


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