Out of the total number of crypto ATMs globally, the US has about 79%, which equals 9242 machines.

Over the years, the number of crypto ATMs globally has surged to over 11,000 in 2020. As of the 9th of November, a chart by CoinATMRader revealed that there are 11,697 machines in the world.Since the launch of the first-ever Bitcoin ATM in 2013, crypto ATMs have become more available in different parts of the world. The first crypto ATM was placed in a Vancouver coffee shop by Robocoin. On its first day, crypto users transacted BTC worth $10,000 on the Bitcoin ATM, as the machine allows users to trade cash for BTC and the other way round. Crypto ATMs in 2020With the constant rise in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, there has also been an increase in crypto ATMs in the world. The machines allow users to trade BTC and other altcoins for cash. The CoinATMRader chart also showed that, on average, 23 machines are added to crypto ATMs every day. This suggests an additional ATM every hour. The estimated number of ATMs shown in the CoinATMRadar chart showed a significant increase over crypto ATMs recorded in 2019. As 2020 comes to an end, the estimated number of crypto ATMs shows about an 80% increase over 6,372 machines registered last year.Out of the total number of crypto ATMs globally, the US has about 79%, which equals 9242 machines. According to a Cointelegraph report, the US accounted for 4,213 ATMs in 2019. Between 2019 and now, the number of crypto ATMs has increased over 50% and available in shopping centers, transportation hubs, Tesla Gigafactory, and other locations. The Cointelegraph report further revealed the top four countries with crypto ATMs, following the US. The report said Canada is next to the US with 880 crypto ATMs. Also, the UK comes third with 268 machines, followed by Hong Kong with 62 machines. Finally, Cointelegraph reported Columbia as the last of the top-five with 59 machines. Another report by CoinATMRader listed the global manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs. First on the list is Genesis Coin, which has machines across 4,210 locations. General Bytes follows Genesis Coin with crypto ATMs in 3,411 locations. Crypto Machines in AfricaSimilarly, the number of crypto ATMs in some African countries is also on the rise. According to CoinATMRader, there are 8 Bitcoin ATMs/Tellers in South Africa. Out of the 8 crypto ATMs in the country, 4 are in Cape Town, 2 machines are in Johannesburg, and there is 1 machine each in Durban and Pretoria. Furthermore, the African country with the largest Bitcoin trading volume, Nigeria, just had its first Bitcoin ATM in April. Installed by Blockstale, Nigeria’s first crypto ATM is placed in Dazey Lounge and Bar, Lagos state. At the time of launch, Blockstale also revealed plans to install about 30 machines more across Nigeria. 

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