Lior Yaffe, co-founder and core developer at Jelurida, confirmed that this is only the first step of his company’s foray into blockchain-based gaming.

Swiss-based blockchain development firm Jelurida has announced it is developing an on-chain version of the card strategy game Bridge. Dubbed Bridge Champ, the game aims to disrupt the existing online Bridge gaming space, which is stagnating in a state of duopoly. Jelurida, which operates the Ardor blockchain, plans to use the game as a jumping-off point for broader expansion into the casual gaming space. Bridge is one of the most popular card games in the world, played in clubs, online, and at home with friends. It’s even recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee due to its chess-like complexity, which demands smart strategizing skills. It also has a significant footprint online. However, the online bridge sector is dominated by two platforms, neither of which supports white-label solutions. Bridge Champ – a Blockchain-Based Bridge Gaming PlatformNow, Jelurida, in partnership with the Bridge Online Academy, plans to bring blockchain into play. Bridge Champ is developed on Ignis, the Ardor blockchain’s main child chain, which offers ready-made features and functionality that can support online gaming. Bridge Champ is a purpose-built, fully customizable, online environment for bridge players to connect. The gaming engine will have open API’s so that users can set up competitions, and features include video and audio sharing. However, the platform’s strength will lie in the way it leverages blockchain’s capabilities to bring new features to online bridge games. There will be an in-game economy for competition registration and organization, along with cryptocurrency assets used for “mining” bridge tokens based on “proof-of-play” and player achievements. Achievements will be logged securely on the Ignis blockchain, eliminating any fraud or tampering. Cards will be dealt using provable randomization, and cheating will be virtually impossible. Lior Yaffe, co-founder and core developer at Jelurida, confirmed that this is only the first step of his company’s foray into blockchain-based gaming. He stated that the company is “developing an ecosystem around game tokens that will be available for use to other casual gaming platforms.”Broad Scope for Global Blockchain AdoptionGaming has long been considered one of the best use cases for blockchain technology. The technology lends itself well to many use cases in the gaming segment, including in-game rewards paid in digital coins, in-game assets based on non-fungible tokens, and the ability for gamers to actually own their accounts through blockchain encryption. Furthermore, blockchain technology itself could find a massive global audience in the estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. Unlike many industries ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, gaming has proven to be highly resilient as people seek out new ways to stay entertained at home. So much, in fact, that industry analysts have doubled their growth forecasts for the global gaming market, predicting a 12-15 percent year-on-year increase to $170 billion in 2020. The Blockchain Game Alliance recently showcased some of the key developments taking place at the convergence of blockchain and gaming during its 2020 Demo DaysOne demonstration previewed a trading card game that could prove to have mass appeal – Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. The game is fully licensed by the BBC, which produces the iconic show, and features a cast of characters from its history, which dates back over five and a half decades. The cards are digital collectible items, each with hand-drawn artwork. The demo days also featured blockchain-based VR, arcade, and MMO games. 

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