While announcing the latest collaboration with Sorare, Bayern FC stated that the platform already hosts clubs from the top 20 leagues of the world.

Bayern Munich is the latest top-flight soccer club to join Sorare, the blockchain-based fantasy soccer company. The Bundesliga club has joined the row of other top clubs on the platform which simulates soccer games for its customers.

It’s official: 2020 Champions League Winners @FCBayern joins @SorareHQ ❤️?

Welcome @lewy_official, Joshua Kimmich, @Manuel_Neuer, @esmuellert
and @AlphonsoDavies to the Global Fantasy Football Game ?

FC Bayern Munich digital cards, only on https://t.co/mH3P7RU47H pic.twitter.com/1N9MrZYYlR

— Sorare (@SorareHQ) November 10, 2020

Sorare already features more than a hundred clubs in its library, making it a prominent player in the fantasy soccer sphere. Other top clubs from leagues around the world that have been identified with the project are Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, PSG and Juventus.Bayern is the first top Bundesliga club to be signed up on the platform. This does not make the club a novice in blockchain-related projects. The club had earlier entered into a collaboration with Stryking Entertainment. The partnership was for the production of digital collectibles of the club’s players. The cards would be used in playing fantasy soccer games as well as used as momentos.While announcing the latest collaboration with Sorare, Bayern FC stated that the platform already hosts clubs from the top 20 leagues in the world. The management reminded its fans that Sorare is a global brand that offers players great entertainment through fantasy soccer. The platform is a five-player per side soccer game in which each player chooses their team from 10 blockchain-based players.It also offers digital cards that can be traded by players. These cards are digital collectibles that are valued based on the performance and value of the actual player they represent.According to Nonfungible, a rating platform for digital collectibles, Sorare is gaining popularity among players across the globe. The ranking platform stated that it is presently ranked third globally with trading volume up to $243,000.This volume though still lags behind Axie Infinity, which holds the record of all-time-high as far as digital collectibles are concerned. Axie has sold three times the volume attributed to Sorare.Sorare is now available to US fantasy game lovers as it recently launched in the country.next Share:

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