Ledger has indicated that the leaked database will not compromise the customers’ funds or even their personal hardware wallet.

More than five months after major hardware wallet provider Ledger revealed a data breach from its website, the attackers have finally dumped the leaked databases on hackers’ forum Raidforms.Apparently, the leaked database is said to contain information such as Ledger Customers’ Email addresses, Physical Addresses, Phone numbers. According to co-founder and CTO Hudson Rock, Alon Gal, who reported the leak, approximately 272,000 Ledger buyers and Emails of 1,000,000 additional users were dumped today.Ledger has warned its customers to remain vigilant as possible phishing scams can be reported over time. Notably, the company has reportedly shut down approximately 171 phishing websites since October 22. With the said database leaked to the public, more phishing attacks are expected to escalate with most crypto assets experiencing a heightened volatility.However, Ledger has indicated that the leaked database will not compromise the customers’ funds or even their personal hardware wallet. It is a short term relief to Ledger customers who are mostly high networth investors.Meanwhile, a faction of the customers do not feel completely secure with their personal information for sale on a darknet forum. Furthermore, with their physical addresses available on the Raidforms, possible kidnapping could result in unprecedented losses.Hereby promoting some of the compromised customers to push for a class-action lawsuit against the hardware wallet company.The Bigger Picture of Ledger Leaked DataLedger has several respected products in the market including the Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Nano S spanning in over 165 countries with over 100 global resellers.The company allows its customers to choose from its different package products and ships to various destinations. As the crypto industry gets global recognition through institutional investors among retail investors, Ledger has won the heart of most of the high net worth investors.Furthermore, the crypto industry is marred with scams and attacks that have in the past left most customers stranded. As a result, a secure and trusted wallet has not only helped most investors secure their funds but also steer the crypto industry forward. Although no funds have been compromised during the recent Ledger database dump, it is a huge wake up call to the entire industry.Since the company will still continue shipping its products globally, it will be up to its security team to secure customers’ personal data. If not, it will be prudent for the customers to share only information that may not compromise their future safety and that of their assets.Ledger previously reported the case to the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority which ensures that data privacy law is applied to the collection, storage, and use of personal data. In addition, it partnered with the Orange Cyberdefense to assess the scale of the attack.


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